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Our therapists are professionally trained and operate within their competence with a minimum of a Masters Degree in the field.

We offer therapy in:

Individual therapy, family therapy, child and adolescent therapy, couple therapy, drug and substance therapy, Trauma Therapy Career Therapy, Group Therapy, Workshop and Seminars


The following is our procedure for providing services to our patients and clients and follow ups on the implementation of training programs.

1. How much does the service cost? 2. Although there is a fixed charge for Psychotherapy services, it is possible to set charges according to income. 3. However, if you really need our services in Psychotherapy, yet you cannot afford the above charges due to financial constraints, Care Networks Consultancy will not turn you away!


Executive Coaching for managers:
We provide both individual and group coaching for middle and upper level managers for organizations.

Parenting Coaching:
When the family issues do not need treatment but discovery of the hidden potential in both parents and the child, we are there to help the parents through coaching.


Do you need to resolve matters out of court? Speak to a mediator and we shall get you where you want to go.

Our Clientele

Kenya Red Cross

Psychological First Aid (PFA) for trauma responders, debriefing of counsellors and social workers in Dadaab

Department for International Cooperation (DFID)

Job separation/ stress management package for its staff after re-organization of office.

Nairobi and Parklands Baptist churches

Effects on divorce on children, basics skills for fellowship leaders and becoming a better you among others.

East African Cables

Counselling staff at their premises.

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Happy Clients & Feedbacks

Coaching Testimony

On my end, I'm remarkably pleased with the insights I have been able to gain, as it has to an extent, broadened my perspective; and helped me infuse information that will enable me impact those around me, with far reaching effects bordering on positivity and an amazing outlook on what life, in all its amazing aspects, has to offer. Grandeur.

Anne Muiruri

Head Teacher

Counselling Testimony

Pauline really helped me through a difficult part of my life. I had no motivation at all. Things had become really bad both in my personal and work life, Pauline was able to pick out this and Empathised, helped me Kick start the process of working through my problems, personal childhood scars, unrealistic expectations and Trauma . With time I've been able to confront it and 4 years later, I am glad that I was able to confront it and transition towards being "My Ideal Self"

Fredrick Ndori

IT consultant


Affordable Sessions

Professional Coaching Sessions

Kshs 10,000/=

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Individual Sessions

Kshs 5,000/=

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Group & Family Sessions

( maximum 5 persons)

Ksh 8,000/=

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Parents &
Couple sessions

Kshs 6,000/=

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Frequently Asks Questions

Popular questions among my clients.

Counselling can help with a wide range of concerns including

  1. Major life changes
  2. OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder)
  3. Relationship difficulties
  4. Eating disorders and health issues
  5. Bereavement and loss

We offer two types of counselling detailed below;

  1. Open ended counselling: We mainly provide open ended counselling, a therapy which proceeds at the client’s own pace.
  2. Short-Term Counselling: It's a good step for people who do not want to make a long commitment or have a particular issue to work with such as a relationship difficulty.

Listening carefully is the largest part of what all counsellors do. They make sure clients have clarified the problem areas in their own terms and help them decide what steps they want to take next. Counsellors will always let the work proceed at the client’s pace.

Sometimes talking to a friend can be helpful and counsellors often encourage clients to use their family and friends. However there are some disadvantages to using friends as your only confidants and support.

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